Jeremy enjoys a range of adventures and tinkerings. He had the vision for a TransScooter while walking along 30kms of road after a lovely 8 day tramp in the Richmond range in New Zealand. During that long walk he realised a.) That walking long distances on roads doesn’t get any better with age or experience and b.) How often this happens to himself and his other outdoors oriented buddies. There must be a better way…

He came back home, bought some cheap carbon poles and learnt how to join them together into a primitive (and ugly) scooter. During these tinkerings he realised that he may be able to turn the scooter into a range of other contraptions like hiking poles and a trolley. At this point a one off for Jeremy now turned into somewhat of an obsession as he learned CAD design, delved into the worlds of 3d printing and read up on composites while producing a bunch of prototypes. Three years later and he is still working away at building better scooters. 



Constance unwittingly became a scootourer when she and Jeremy hatched a plan to traverse the South Island of NZ by packscooter, packraft and packboots (more commonly known as hiking boots - but let's stay in theme). Four months, 1730km, and a few chilblains later, Constance has converted to the joys of scooting and is busy concocting new trips. Constance is currently lead product tester. 

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