Because why stop at stock parts?

Not so long ago, making things was a lot harder than it is today and as a result producing parts in small quantities was incredibly expensive. Fastforward to the revolution in cheap 3d printing and producing complex functional parts involves pressing a button before going for a jog. Combine this with the availability of user friendly part design software like 123d Design and 3d printing marketplaces like 3D Hubs and that thing that would come in handy on your next trip is only an afternoons work away. Finally, if you have some cracker ideas about transformations, drop me a line and I will do my best to design them and put them on the site in a timely manner.

Fishing rod connector

Description: You're hungry, you're near a river, you have scooter poles and fish are tasty, so why not join the poles together and add some connectors to make a fishing rod? 

These connectors are designed to slot over the 30mm small pole sections. The level of infill and shells you require will depend on how big you want your meal to be, but I would recommend an infill of at least 15% with two shells and a resolution of 0.3 mm to save on time and money. 

Download .stl file